Message From President

Distinguished personalities,invited guests, members of media, brothers and sisters and dear family members. Its a huge privilege for a grass root worker like me , to be elevated as the President of most dynamic and largest state and national branch of this historic organization .INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION,the largest scientific NGO in the world.
“Give the ones you love wings to fly,roots to come back and reasons to stay”We really value social relations. We will keep all national prog on our agenda but main emphasis will be on Measles & Rubella Campaign, Dengue & Swine fLu Control, and female feticide.We have formed committees for Measles & Rubella Campaign and Dengue & Swine fLu Control prog. from the members who have voluntarily offered their serviced to toil hard to control or end these diseases from our area.
As a radiologist it is my pious duty to campaign against female feticided .Save Girl-Save Tree
IMA would seek govt’s help for providing enviorment for safe medical practice. We have to also ponder on whether we need clinical establishment act and NMC.
As doctors are often overworked and over burdened.To destress yourselves do await sports, cultural activities , yoga camps ,motivation speeches and family get togethers.Our members and families should maintain good health and live long productive years .A special programme aiming at doctors and family members health is also contemplated.
I am really confident of my great army of 1500 volunteers who have silently worked all these years to ensure a better profession and due public care.
With your blessings and permission I declare motto for this year ^ For the profession For the common IMA member-In gentle way ,you can shake world. Let us earnestly attempt


Dr. Mukesh Gupta

IMA President Jalandhar -2018