Indian Medical Association is deeply concerned about its member’s worry is financial security of his / her family after one’s own passing away. Social Security Scheme is answer to worry of members. Be a member of I.M.A. National Social Security Scheme

Aims & Objects of the Scheme: Is to give financial assistance to family members in the event of death of members. Scheme is by members for family members.

Eligibility to become member of IMA NSSS: Any life member of IMA residing in India is eligible to become a member of IMA NSSS provided that:

A member above age of 60 years is not eligible to become member (After 31-3-1998)

A member above the age of 40 years and below the age of 60 years must have a life membership of IMA at least for 3 years on the day of joining the scheme. (After 1-4-2000)

Enrollment of Members:

Application Form

Admission Fee

Membership Fee

Advance Fraternity Contribution

Required Certificates:

Life Membership Certificate of IMA HQ

Birth Certificate

Registration Certificate of State Medical Council

Why only IMA Life members are admitted in IMA NSSS & not Annual Members?

It is purely in the interest and safety of members and as adopted in constitution.

Can member be discontinued from the scheme? Yes

For providing wrong information

For non-payment of DFC after even a registered notice.

I.M.A. N.S.S.S. Admission Fees:

Admission Fee is non-refundable and Subject to revision by General Body of IMA

I.M.A. N.S.S.S. Membership Fees:

Rs.50/- Only. Membership Fee is non-refundable.

I.M.A. N.S.S.S. Advance Fraternity Contribution (AFC)

Initially Rs.1000/- along with Admission Fee and Membership Fee. AFC will be adjusted as Death Fund Contribution Rs.50/- per death. Hence every year AFC will be collected depending upon number of Deaths. Amount of ?? AFC = Rs.50/- X Number of deaths in that particular period. (Between Two DFC Notices).

Why Advance Fraternity Contribution?

To make the payment to nominee of passed away (deceased) member at the earliest.

Death Fraternity Contribution (DFC):

Every member of the scheme has to pay Death Fraternity Contribution of Rs.50/- in the event of death of member for 25 years from the date of joining the scheme. After 25 years member has not to pay any contribution, though he / she shall remain a member of this scheme and his / her family gets benefit even on death of member at any age.

How member will be informed for the DFC payment?

By individual Notice

When nominee get benefit?

In event of any type of death: may be Natural death, Accidental death, Suicidal, Homicidal or even a murder

Documents required in case of Death of a member:

Original Membership Certificate of Scheme

Xerox copy of attested death certificate

Advanced signed receipt by the nominee

If Nominee and member both die together, who will get DFC?

Payment will be made to Varasdar by law. He / She shall have to produce all legal proof with documents.